Early Life Epilepsy (ELE) Special Interest Group

The Early Life Epilepsy SIG is a national group of clinicians and scientists whose mission is to facilitate collaboration on projects to improve our understanding and care of children with early life epilepsy (age of onset < 3 years).  


  • Erika Axeen (Virginia)
  • Donald Bearden (Emory)
  • Anne Berg (Lurie Children’s)
  • Sonal Bhatia (musc)
  • Mike Disano (Akron Children’s)
  • Krista Eschbach (Colorado Children’s)
  • Anthony Fine (Mayo)
  • Ryan Gill (Kennedy Krieger)
  • Zachary Grinspan (Cornell)
  • Shaun Hussain (UCLA)
  • Cynthia Keator (Cook Children’s)
  • Hyunmi Kim (Stanford)
  • Kelly Knupp (Colorado Children’s)
  • Virginia Liu (CHOC)
  • Natasha Ludwig (Kennedy Krieger)
  • John Millichap (Lurie Children’s)
  • Katherine Nickels (Mayo)
  • Adam Numis (UCSF)
  • Kim Ono (Emory)
  • Rachit Patil (Brown)
  • Debopam Samanta (uams)
  • Laurie Seltzer (Rochester)
  • Renee Shellhaas (U Michigan)
  • Dan Shrey (CHOC)
  • Emily Spelbrink (Stanford)
  • Tammy Tsuchida (Children’s National)
  • Elaine Wirrell (Mayo)
  • Lily Wong-Kisiel (Mayo)
  • Courtney Wusthoff (Stanford)
  • Elissa Yozawitz (Montefiore)
  • Lucyna Zawadski (Akron Children’s)


Member meetings

ELE SIG meets once every 2 months, with a doodle poll sent out in advance to see what times work for most. Email updates and working subgroup meetings are independently coordinated between SIG meetings for active projects.

Early Onset Epilepsy Database

A prospective study of all early life epilepsies focused on their evaluations, diagnoses, treatments, and early outcomes.  Children from birth to 3 years of age with new onset epilepsy were followed prospectively for one year.

Several publications have resulted from this project including:

Early-Life Epilepsies and the Emerging Role of Genetic Testing.

Berg AT, Coryell J, Saneto RP, Grinspan ZM, Alexander JJ, Kekis M, Sullivan JE, Wirrell EC, Shellhaas RA, Mytinger JR, Gaillard WD, Kossoff EH, Valencia I, Knupp KG, Wusthoff C, Keator C, Dobyns WB, Ryan N, Loddenkemper T, Chu CJ, Novotny EJ Jr, Koh S. JAMA Pediatr. 2017 Sep 1;171(9):863-871.

Initial Treatment for Nonsyndromic Early-Life Epilepsy: An Unexpected Consensus.