Epilepsy with Myoclonic Atonic Seizures (EMAS)

We aim to further elucidate the natural history of EMAS, investigate the current diagnostic and therapeutic milieu, and move toward discovering, evaluating, and implementing the optimal treatments for this disease. This involves developing a comprehensive prospective registry to eventually identify biomarkers for treatment outcomes and also to establish best practices in the care of this epilepsy.


  • Laurel Reed – Michigan Medicine
  • Elaine C. Wirrell, M.D. – Mayo Clinic
  • Katherine C. Nickels, M.D. – Mayo Clinic
  • Eric Kossoff – Johns Hopkins
  • Srishti Nangia – Cornell
  • Dr. Mohamed – University of Alabama
  • Michael Ciliberto – University of Iowa
  • .

Current projects

No trials at this time. We are developing an infrastructure grant to develop a database.

Past projects

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