Health Equity Special Interest Group (SIG)

Our Health Equity Special Interest Group (SIG) has two key goals:

  1. To determine what is known about health disparities in pediatric epilepsy and identify gaps in knowledge.
  2. To develop an agenda of multi-center research projects and recommendations for practice-changing interventions to work towards health equity.

Health Equity SIG Leader: Karen Skjei, M.D., El Paso Center for Seizures in Epilepsy

Current projects

For the past 2 years our SIG has been working hard on a scoping review of health disparities in pediatric epilepsy. We’ve reviewed more than 10,000 abstracts, scanned more than 3500 articles and have extracted data from more than 700 articles. We hope to begin writing by the end of the year.

Past projects

Member meetings

To join a Special Interest Group (SIG), please contact PERC’s Executive Director, Jane Zeender, at In order to join PERC, your institution must be a member, which currently involves the signing of a Memo of Understanding and a commitment from each member institution to actively participate in one or more SIGs. PERC’s Special Interest Groups typically meet via Zoom on a regular basis, in addition to meeting in person at national epilepsy conferences.