Epilepsy Surgery Special Interest Group (SIG)

The PERC Epilepsy Surgery Interest Group is a network of U.S. pediatric epilepsy centers formed in 2018 to characterize the use of pediatric epilepsy surgery and to investigate evaluation strategies and surgical techniques. The group’s mission is to facilitate collegial, collaborative, practice-changing research that delivers answers needed to improve and define best practices for candidate selection for epilepsy surgery treatment.

Epilepsy Surgery SIG Leader: Adam Ostendorf, M.D., Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Ongoing projects

Epilepsy Surgery Database – PrImary investigator: M. Scott Perry, M.D.

Past projects


Child Neurology Society Meeting 2019
Collaborating to Improve Epilepsy Surgical Care in Children: The Pediatric Epilepsy Research Consortium (PERC) Surgery Subgroup
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American Epilepsy Society Meeting 2019
Characteristics of Patients Referred for Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery Evaluation in the US: Early Findings from the PERC (Pediatric Epilepsy Research Consortium) Epilepsy Surgery Subgroup
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Time to referral for epilepsy surgery evaluation is longer in older children with intractable epilepsy – a potential opportunity for improvement.
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American Epilepsy Society Meeting 2020
Factors Leading to >2 Antiseizure Medication Trials Prior to Epilepsy Surgery Referral in Children
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Initial vs. Repeat Epilepsy Surgery Evaluation for Children in the US: Findings from the PERC (Pediatric Epilepsy Research Consortium) Epilepsy Surgery Subgroup
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American Epilepsy Society 2021
Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery
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Epilepsy Surgery in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. Results from Pediatric Epilepsy Research Consortium (PERC) Epilepsy Surgery Database
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Responsive Neurostimulation in Pediatric Refractory Epilepsy: Findings from the PERC (Pediatric Epilepsy Research Consortium) Epilepsy Surgery Subgroup – poster link pending

Comparing characteristics and outcome of palliative and definitive pediatric epilepsy surgery patients using the Pediatric Epilepsy Research Consortium (PERC) Surgery Database
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Initial success and impact of building a collaborative among pediatric neuropsychologists
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American Epilepsy Society 2022
A Multi-Institutional Comparison of Contemporary Surgical Approaches and Outcomes of Corpus Callosotomy – Coming in December 2022

The Impact of Presurgical Diagnostic Testing on Surgical Decision Making in Pediatric MRI-negative Drug-Resistant Epilepsy – Coming in December 2022
Stereoencephalography Planning for Phase 2 Monitoring and Risk for Hemorrhage – Coming in December 2022

Outcomes and Prognostic Factors of Pediatric Frontal Lobe Epilepsy Surgery: A Multi-center Study – Coming in December 2022

Surgical evaluation in children <3 years of age with drug‐resistant epilepsy: Patient characteristics, diagnostic utilization, and potential for treatment delays (wiley.com)

Special Issue: Seminars in Pediatric Neurology: Epilepsy Surgery Oct 2021
Seminars in Pediatric Neurology | Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery | ScienceDirect.com by Elsevier

Member meetings

To join a Special Interest Group (SIG), please contact PERC’s Executive Director, Jane Zeender, at janeedperc@gmail.com. In order to join PERC, your institution must be a member, which currently involves the signing of a Memo of Understanding and a commitment from each member institution to actively participate in one or more SIGs. PERC’s Special Interest Groups typically meet via Zoom on a regular basis, in addition to meeting in person at national epilepsy conferences.