Our mission is to provide a network and infrastructure to facilitate collegial, collaborative, practice-changing research that will provide answers needed to improve the care of children with epilepsy. Our consortium consists of more than 75 U.S. pediatric epilepsy centers and over 350 pediatric epileptologists, neuropsychologists, and pediatric epilepsy researchers.


Our vision is a world in which all children with epilepsy benefit from the most recent advances in scientific knowledge and technology, regardless of geographic or economic resources. Through large multicenter registries, as well as multicenter retrospective and prospective analyses, we hope to identify preferred diagnostic evaluations and treatments for specific epilepsy syndromes, etiologies, and comorbidities. Our research is accomplished within our 13 active Special Interest Groups, or SIGs, and led by a Board of Directors with the support of our Executive Director. Our vision is to be recognized as the “gold standard” for pediatric epilepsy care and research.