Electrographic Status Epilepticus in Sleep (ESES) SIG




Anthony Fine
Email: Fine.anthony@mayo.edu


SIG Objectives:

  •  To improve care of children with ESES through collaborative multicenter research.
  •  To develop evidence-based approaches for the diagnosis and treatment of children with ESES.


Current Projects and Collaborations:

  •  Survey of current practice patterns in ESES.


Future Projects and Collaborations:

  • Sleep potentiated spikes and sleep staging in ESES.
  • Routine outpatient EEG vs overnight recording in ESES diagnosis.
  • Quality of life determinations in children with ESES and caregivers.
  • Abbreviated neuropsychometric assessment vs formal testing in children with ESES.


Members (updated every 6 months, names +/- emails):

Daniel Arndt
Fiona Baumer
Joshua Bear
Dan Bernardo
Christopher Carosella
Kevin Chapman
Jennifer Madan Cohen
Rohini Coorg
Anthony Fine
Willian Gaillard
David Hsu
Ann Hyslop
Sarah Kelley
Tobias Loddenkemper
Nancy McNamara
Reshma Naidoo
Adam Ostendorf
Mark Schomer
Rani Singh
Nilika Singhal
Robert Stowe
Ahmet Tanritanir
Adam Wallace
Andrew White
Heather Wied
Yonghua Yang
Michael Zaccariello
Lucy Zawadzki
Tesfaye Zelleke


Upcoming meetings:

2/18/2020 at 2:30 pm CST