Epilepsy with Myoclonic and Atonic Seizures SIG



Charuta Joshi (email: Charuta.joshi@childrenscolorado.org)


SIG Objectives:

To start collaborative studies on natural history/ best investigations, best treatments in EMAS- Doose syndrome


Current Projects and Collaborations:

To start in January 2021 once our Doose Delphi paper is published ( accepted to Seizure)


Plans for Future Projects:

As above


Members (updated every 6 months, names +/- emails):

  • Kate Nickels nickels.katherine@mayo.edu
  • ‘ekossoff@jhmi.edu’ <ekossoff@jhmi.edu>
  • Joshi, Charuta <Charuta.Joshi@childrenscolorado.org>
  • Wirrell, Elaine C., M.D. <Wirrell.Elaine@mayo.edu>
  • Demarest, Scott <Scott.Demarest@childrenscolorado.org>
  • ‘shellhaa@med.umich.edu’ <shellhaa@med.umich.edu>
  • ‘RTHIBERT@mgh.harvard.edu’ <RTHIBERT@mgh.harvard.edu>
  • ‘srn9001@med.cornell.edu’ <srn9001@med.cornell.edu>
  • ‘shatchew@med.umich.edu’ <shatchew@med.umich.edu>

Upcoming meetings:

Shall start in January 2021- most likely every 2/4th tuesday